Ethos. Morality. These two words summarize our attitude towards life. With these deeply rooted morals as our compass, we strive tomake a positive difference in this world. Luxury is a concept grasped differently by each individual. To some, luxury means survival, being able to feed and nurture their family, to others it may mean a dinner out with friends or a significant other. To many, luxury represents the extraordinary, the unattainable, whatever that may be. 


Unfortunately, over the course of history luxury has come at a cost. Sometimes the cost is merely financial, others, it costs the destruction of the environment and others the loss of human lives. We all want to experience luxury in all of its aspects. Why should others suffer for it?

Diamonds are considered to be the pinnacle of luxury and wealth, the most perfect thing found on planet earth. Diamonds have always captured the world’s attention with their captivating sparkle. Many have tried to mimic their character, by creating or using diamond alternatives such as cubic zirconia or moissanite. Despite their best efforts, diamonds easily differentiate themselves from the rest. Due to their molecular structure, diamonds possess unique characteristics that can never be replicated. Only a mined diamond can be a diamond. Until now.
This was the motivating reason behind the vision and launch of GRIAMOND. The amazing progress of technology, due to the incredible human mind have allowed us to literally grow diamonds in the lab. Yes. No alternatives. Real life diamonds. With the same molecular structure and make-up. Indistinguishable from their mined counterparts.
Our company can now provide certified real diamonds to our customers without the negative consequences of traditional diamonds. No more mining, no child labor, no more corrupt governments, no more financing of wars, no destruction of our planet, no loss of human lives. We can now enjoy the ultimate luxury; we can appreciate the sparkle confidently. We can now be proud of our jewelry and pass it down through generations. We are changing the world; we are steering away from the past and we are finally moving towards a brighter future!